Book by Ndaba Mandela


Life Lessons From My Grandfather
By Ndaba Mandela
Hachette Books
June 12, 2018


Hardcover | 256 Pages | 9780316415736

About the Book

In the vein of Barack Obama’s DREAMS FROM MY FATHER: A Story of Race and Inheritance, which uses a young man’s complex coming-of-age story as a vehicle for exploring themes that have both personal and universal meaning, GOING TO THE MOUNTAIN: Life Lessons from My Grandfather (Hachette Books; June 26, 2019) vividly illustrates the important life lessons Nelson Mandela taught his grandson, Ndaba Mandela, about freedom, education, resistance in the right ways, and peace. Ndaba tells the powerful story of how he, as a child, came to live with Nelson Mandela—who he had met only once before, when Mandela was imprisoned at Victor Verster Prison—and how the two men slowly, and cautiously, built a relationship that would affect both of their lives in extraordinary ways.

Much of Ndaba’s maturation and growth is due to his “granddad.” Nelson Mandela steered his grandson Ndaba away from his reckless youth (fighting in gangs, blowing off school) and toward a fully realized and principled adulthood. On a scale that is both intimate and epic, the book will detail the gripping arc of Ndaba’s own extraordinary journey, which mirrors that of South Africa’s, from the segregated Soweto ghettos into which he was born, to the presidential mansion in which he grew up, and the challenging times in which he lives in now.

Embedded deeply throughout the book is also the rich tribal wisdom and folktales of Nelson Mandela’s Xhosa tribe, which he adored sharing with his grandson—and which greatly influenced both men throughout their lives. As we approach Nelson Mandela International Day, which is celebrated every year on July 18th (Nelson Mandela’s birthday), this is the perfect time for people to read about Nelson Mandela in a way they never have before—through a raw and deeply personal firsthand account by his grandson. Ultimately, GOING TO THE MOUNTAIN serves as a physical remembrance of Nelson Mandela’s legacy and the remarkable influence that a single individual can have on the world.

US on sale date:   June 26, 2018

UK on sale date:  June 28, 2018

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