Youth unemployment is a huge challenge in South Africa and across the continent. Young people no longer find farming attractive as a source of income or a lucrative business to get into or viable source of income. Especially the youth in the rural areas who usually have an added advantage with access to land. Africa Today has large parts of the continent which are not being farmed and used effectively. We therefore at our organisation feel that is it important to re-ignite the spirit of farming and make the youth understand that one can actually make a great success from the farming business. In the light of food security and rising food inflation, it is important for us to promote house hold farming especially for less privileged people living in rural and township areas. How we feel we can start alleviating this issue and promote farming is two-fold. Firstly we have partnered with the Department of Rural development and Agriculture in the Eastern Cape Province as well as SAKATA seeds private company to promote house hold farming by distributing 1 million tins of seeds to a million house holds across South Africa, mainly in Rural areas, houses,schools and local clinics. 2nd We have started a youth farming competition that will take place on Nelson Mandela’s family home in the Eastern Cape in a village called Qunu where he grew up and is laid to rest. 67 kids will be chosen in the spirit of 67 minutes for Mandela Day. each kid will have their plot in the farm. we are asking the corporates, the diplomatic cor, civil society and the public alike to sponsor each plot with R10 000.00 South African Rands (roughly 720 USD) half the money goes directly to the child and the other half goes towards maintaining the plots and making sure all resources to sustain the plots are met for the duration of the project which is roughly 6 months. After the period has elapsed and harvest time begins. he will be 2 winners. 1 for the plot that yielded the most amount of vegetables. 2 for the plot that yielded the highest quality vegetables.

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